Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The New Addiction

I recently got into Warhammer 40k, and by recently I mean the last two weeks.

It started when I walked into a store called Pandemonium ( Yeah, I plug places, but only ones that I really like.  I went into the store to ask about a zombie survival game and ended up walking out with a Warhammer 40k rulebook and Imperial Guard codex.

I chose the IG mainly for their look.  Growing up, Aliens was a major influence on my young mind and the vehicles & soldiers of the IG brought back many fond memories of the Colonial Marines, doomed as they were.  Poor Hudson.  Game over, indeed.

This blog will serve a few purposes for me.  First, it will give me a chance to lay out the history of my IG regiment, which I have dubbed the 481st Tullon Irregulars.  Tullon being the home world they came from. I plan on a few stories here and there about their world and why these guys are who they are.  Second, I'll be posting images from my conversions and paint jobs here.  I've never been one who is satisfied with the cookie cutter out of the box look for anything.  Not to say there's anything wrong with it, or with you if you do prefer it, it's just  that I really like the extra flavor and diversity changing things up provides.  40k seems to offer a great deal in that arena, so it's no wonder I've quickly become addicted.  Thirdly, since each of my soldiers will be unique, I am giving them all names and over the course of my future gaming, I'll tell stories about these guys and the wars they are fighting.  Every now and then, I'll also post random tidbits about whatever tickles my fancy.

What I won't be posting?  Lists or tactics.  I currently don't know jack about playing the game, so there's no point in me prattling on about what a bolt gun does.  And even after I know what I'm doing, I just don't believe that what works for me will necessarily work for you or anyone else.  In a game decided by dice rolls, anything can happen, and probably will.

I'll be working on the look of the site and try to get some pics up of the first few models I've started to put together.  Feel free to comment and follow along!